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Arts graduate wants to paint giant murals to highlight pollution


Christchurch – July 6, 2015

A University of Canterbury fine arts graduate wants to paint giant murals in New Zealand’s main cities to highlight pollution problems.

Tess Sheerin says cities need large murals to brighten and tidy up some areas and her New Zealand pollution awareness project will make cities more connected with their communities. Read a media article here about Tess 

“Legal public street art murals all over the world are being commissioned by local business owners, home owners and even city councils. Public art has the power to change the landscape of their communities,” Sheerin says.

“By commissioning and supporting an exterior wall of a building to become a canvas helps improve the look of the building and the surrounding area. It discourages tagging and becomes a destination for the community while contributing to a rise in property values.

“Neighbourhoods with the most murals in New York are the Lower East Side and in Harlem, which weren’t good neighbourhoods. But mural artists there are getting more requests to paint murals on buildings in these areas because landlords believe they will help attract tenants.”

Sheerin hope to receive offers of secure funding for the projects before contacting city councils for their support.  She says pollution is a major issue around New Zealand’s coastline.

“I went to the beach last summer and in a short walk collected two large bags filled with rubbish. I have investigated the impact rubbish has on our coastlines and the knock on effect of single-plastics in particular that are killing our marine and wildlife and the results awful.

“I want to create public murals, as they are such an effective in reaching out to communities on a grand scale about the issue of wastewater and coastal pollution.”

One of Sheerin’s biggest murals to date is The Hope Bear in Riccarton, Christchurch. The mural represents bravery, strength and protection and has helped give people support following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.  Her works have featured in many exhibitions in the United Kingdom and in Christchurch.

For further information contact Tess Sheerin on 0210 8228670 or Make Lemonade media specialist Kip Brook on 0275 030188.

Photo: Artist Tess Sheerin.


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