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Popular 2015 Christmas toys similar to previous generation gifts

Christmas toys - article by Make Lemonade NZ

With just days to go before the big day, Make Lemonade staff have done some research on what are some of the most popular Christmas toy presents this year.

We found the top kids’ toys includes Frozen, Thunderbirds, and a Tumbling Stuart toy inspired by blockbuster movie Minions. We believe most children’s gifts will be influenced by popular TV shows and movies.

These include Lego City Deep Sea Exploration, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Minions Tumbling Stuart, Nerf Modulus and Real FX, race cars with artificial intelligence.

Interestingly many of the toys are not unsimilar to those that parents may have played with when they were younger such as Tracy Island, Lego and Barbie.

Thirty years ago Optimus Prime or Barbie were hits. Make Lemonade staff also believe cute little puppies are still a great gift for Christmas. Here are a few other Christmas blasts from the past that should ring a few jingle bells…

1988: Ghostbusters Proton Pack

1989: Batman Batmobile

1990: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

1991: GameBoy

1992: Thunderbirds Tracy Island

1993: Barbie Dolls

1994: Power Rangers Figures

1996: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear

1997: Teletubbies and Tamagotchi

1998: Furby

1999: Who wants to be a Millionaire?

2001: Bob the Builder

2005: MP3s, PSP and Xbox 360

2006: Nintendo Wii

2010: Toy Story 3 DVD

2014: FROZEN Snow Glow Elsa

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