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Jobs down but Christchurch poised to rise

Most jobs in Canterbury are connected, even some tenuously, to the Christchurch rebuild. There has been a lot of positive talk about the rebuild ramping up. Christchurch’s CBD is an exciting place at the moment.

But the latest ANZ job advertising monthly report shows the Canterbury labour market continuing to weaken with job advertisements down 15.3 percent last month.

Total job advertising across the country is up 1.7 percent from a year ago. More interestingly internet job advertising lifted 2.8 percent in March, while newspaper job advertising rose 4.4 percent, despite recent downward trends.

Of the regions, Hawke’s Bay is still in front but tiring, with the growth rate in job ads versus a year ago falling from 17.7 percent to just 10.0 percent after dipping in two of the past three months. Surging Auckland continues to lead the country with a 8.5 percent job advert growth.

ANZ says job ads data for the first three months of 2016 suggests a degree of caution may have crept in on the part of employers, but they are certainly not shutting up shop.

Growth in Christchurch is expected to pick up as more businesses, head offices, new firms, shops, bars cafes and restaurants open in the CBD over the next 12 months. This is such a fantastic city, once again.

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