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Parrot Analytics to provide insights for TVNZ

Auckland – Television New Zealand (TVNZ) has signed with Parrot Analytics, the leading global big data analytics firm specialising in audience demand measurement worldwide, to gain a better understanding of the New Zealand content landscape.

TVNZ has a long history of bringing New Zealand audiences their favorite TV shows including Shortland Street, horror-comedy series Wellington Paranormal and the international reality NZ format adaptation for Survivor New Zealand and Project Runway New Zealand.

In addition, TVNZ also offers other overseas shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Britain’s Got Talent, as well as on-demand exclusives Deep State and Killing Eve.

The latest high-profile acquisition comes in the form of the Doctor Who series 11, launching tonight, the same day as the UK, on TVNZ OnDemand and on TVNZ 2 this Friday.

Parrot Analytics has created the only global, real-time, platform-agnostic TV demand measurement System. TVNZ is now utilising that system to assist with business decisions ranging from marketing, acquisitions and scheduling strategy to day-to-day audience tracking.

TVNZ digital content general manager Juliet Peterson says conventional ratings fall short in providing a holistic view of what content is really resonating with audiences.

“Working with Parrot Analytics, we are now able to identify some key trends and gauge how audiences are expressing demand and engaging with content.”

“This information is incredibly valuable in helping us assess the performance of our local and international content acquisitions, as well as the impact our scheduling and marketing decisions have on that content.”

Parrot Analytics chief executive Wared Seger says maintaining a market leader position necessitates having access to cutting-edge data and analytics.

Parrot Analytics’ audience demand measurement system is quickly becoming the new global industry standard for gauging the popularity of content in any specific market.

“We are also able to assess consumer affinity for certain genres and sub-genres of content,” he says.

“We work in close partnership with our clients all around the world to provide key indicators for what kinds of content their audiences are connecting with and what will likely resonate with them in the future.”

Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media companies, brands and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content.

Wielding the world’s largest audience behavior datasets, the company has developed the world’s only global cross-platform, country-specific audience demand measurement system across more than 100 countries.

This enables media companies, for the very first time, to understand audience demand for content across all content distribution platforms in all markets around the world.

For further information contact Make Lemonade NZ editor-in-chief Kip Brook on 0275 030188 or Parrot Analytics Operations director Dil Khosa 021 875 887.

Photo: Parrot Analytics’ office




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