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Kiwis spending more in supermarkets

Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Overall card spending was up 0.9 percent in June, driven by spending on consumable goods.

Seasonally adjusted card spending on consumables, which includes spending on groceries, liquor and specialised food, was up $41 million (1.8 percent) compared with May.

This was the largest growth in any of the core retail industries in June.

Supermarkets have seen the biggest rise in Kiwi spending last month.

With some particularly wild weather at the start and end of the month, New Zealanders may have been keener on stocking up on supplies and staying in.

While consumables saw the largest increase, spending was steady across the board.

Seasonally adjusted retail spending was up $54 million (0.9 percent), and total spending was up $134 million (1.6 percent) in June compared with May, Stats NZ says.

Spending remained robust in June, despite Wellington moving into and out of alert level two towards the end of the month.

A long stretch without covid restrictions may have helped fuel a strong increase in card spending in the June quarter.

The electronic card transactions series covers all debit, credit, and charge card transactions with New Zealand-based merchants. It can be used to indicate changes in consumer spending and economic activity.

By industry, the movements were: consumables, up $41 million (1.8 percent) fuel, up $10 million (1.8 percent), durables up $7.5 million (0.4 percent), motor vehicles (excluding fuel), up $0.3 million (0.2 percent) and clothing down $18 million (5.1 percent).

The services category was up $7.5 million (2.3 percent). This category includes repair and maintenance and personal care, funeral, and other personal services.

The hospitality industry rose $161 million (17 percent) between June 2020 and June 2021.

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