AI bringing exciting possibilities to NZ

Christchurch - In Phoenix, Arizona, cars are self-navigating the streets. In many homes, people are speaking to digital assistants, with the machines responding. Smartphones and apps can now recognise faces in photos and translate from one language to another, to name a few other examples of artificial intelligence (AI). A leading New Zealand

NZ can’t afford to fall behind in the AI revolution

Auckland - The head of New Zealand’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company Soul Machines has issued a plea to New Zealand corporate companies not to fall behind in the global development of AI, the latest tech industrial revolution. Greg Cross, chief business officer for Soul Machines, says jumping on the AI

How will tech be impacting NZ by 2030?

Auckland - More than 500 tech people are gathering at the international Digital Nations Summit in Auckland on Monday to share ideas and thoughts about what sort of country New Zealand will be like in 2030 and the role technology will play, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. Close to 200

Rocket Lab wins supreme NZ Innovation award accolades

Auckland - Rocket Lab won the supreme accolade at the New Zealand Innovation Awards in Auckland last night. Rocket Lab, named the Bayer Supreme New Zealand Innovation for 2017, has pioneered a Kiwi space programme, with purpose-built rockets for regular commercial satellite launches. Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck was named most inspiring

More Kiwis buying into artificial intelligence

AI Forum

Christchurch - New Zealanders are buying into the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) as it is creeps into many walks of everyday life, an AI specialist says. New Zealand needs to actively embrace artificial intelligence at a faster rate as an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for New Zealand’s future, Artificial Intelligence