Exercise NZ awards to honour the best

Christchurch - The country’s fitness experts and exercise facilities who help half a million Kiwis get physically active and healthier will be vying for the Exercise NZ annual awards in Auckland on Saturday night. The exercise industry awards, now in their 14th year, are designed to recognise those doing amazing work

Nothing and everything, spiritual India has it all

Delhi - India is nothing and everything; so much at times it leaves tourists utterly speechless. They say there is no present like the time and no time like the future. India is all about the here and the now for its 1.35 billion people. What is at dispute is some tourists

Industry experts to show teachers all about tech

Auckland - Following the national success of shadowtech for students, TechwomenNZ and CreateOps is this week running a shadowtech day for teachers for the first time. The shadowtech day for teachers will be held on Wednesday which will create an opportunity for teachers to gain first hand understanding as greater responsibility falls

World-first NZ tech changing the global agricultural landscape

Tauranga - New Zealand agritech companies are creating world-first technology to help feed the world and lead the way in their industry, AgritechNZ chief executive Peter Wren-Hilton says. Technology is making life easier, from eco-friendly cars to faster software and tech improvements are benefitting Kiwis in everyday life, he says. “The same

Growing fintech opportunities emerge from banking review

Auckland - While the results from the review by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and the Reserve bank could have been more positive, New Zealand banks have been looking at options to improve customer experience and embrace the fintech community which is great for all Kiwis, FintechNZ general manager James Brown

NZ’s longest serving major gym celebrates 50 years

Auckland - Les Mills, New Zealand’s longest serving major gym, is celebrating 50 years in business. Les Mills was founded in 1968 by Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Les Mills and his wife Colleen. Today the exercise company has 12 national gyms and is still growing, aiming to have 75,000 members throughout

 NZ AI can predict retinal and eye diseases

Dunedin - New Zealand-designed artificial intelligence framework MedicMind which enables the development and design of AI without coding has been used to develop an advance set of algorithms to detect a range of common eye diseases. Findings are published on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology. The Dunedin-based research was part of an initiative to

NZ streets ahead of India and China on female participation in exercise

Christchurch - New Zealand is tiny compared to the population powerhouses of China or India, but the Kiwi exercise culture is streets ahead of those countries in terms of female and male participation, Exercise NZ chief executive Richard Beddie says. China and India’s exercise industry is still male dominated. Over three