NZTech starts crucial digital skills survey

Auckland - NZTech today began surveying thousands of New Zealanders to produce a nationwide digital skills survey. Chief executive Graeme Muller says before covid around half of all new tech roles were fulfilled via immigration. “With closed borders, it is obvious that what was once a skills shortage could quickly become a

NZ tech exports on track to reach $16 billion before 2030

Auckland - NZTech applauds National’s promise (if elected) to establish a minister for technology, who will be responsible for partnering with the private sector and implementing its 2030 NZ tech plan. NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says they currently advise seven or eight different ministers on tech issues. Having a minister of

Growing concern covid level changes will impact people’s mental health

Auckland - There is a growing concern that uncertainty relating to fluctuations in the covid-19 levels and the economic impact will add further stress on people to cope, NZ HealthIT (NZHIT) chief executive Scott Arrol says. Even before the covid pandemic, the increasing issues related to mental health and addiction being experienced

Appeal for urgent quarantine facility inquiry

Auckland - Pharmaceutical scientist Sir Ray Avery is calling for an urgent independent commission of inquiry into the management of New Zealand’s covid quarantine facilities. This follows gaps in the Jet Park Hotel high security quarantine facility in Auckland where a covid infected nurse working at the hotel was allowed to attended

NZTech’s new board reflects New Zealand’s future

By NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller Auckland - Thanks to covid we are in the middle of a digital revolution that is changing the way the world does business. Technology is supporting the industries and people that are being disrupted right across society. Yet the tech sector fails to reflect the

Do NZ cricket players want to put money first, at all costs?

Christchurch - Former New Zealand cricket captain and coach Glenn Turner today questioned Auckland Blues rugby chair and New Zealand cricket board member Don Mackinnon’s appeal for borders to be opened for international sports teams during the covid pandemic. Mackinnon says the financial hit of closed borders will  damage the domestic game

Technology likely to provide a covid silver bullet

Auckland - It is likely that technology will provide the silver bullet that New Zealand needs to manage covid-19, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. The resurgent outbreak of covid in the community has served as a reminder that Kiwis will be having to manage the impacts of this disease for some

Manufactured rule dishonoured the Cricket World Cup final

Wanaka - Last year’s electrifying Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand was destroyed by a manufactured rule which extinguished and dishonoured the whole event, former New Zealand cricket captain and coach Glenn Turner says. The status of the event coupled with the closeness and neither team being able to