Gene editing has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions

Auckland - Gene editing has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions to deal with climate change, BiotechNZ executive director Dr Zahra Champion says. The issues and benefits of gene editing must accelerate discussions by the biotech industry and academic researchers to convince the public that gene editing of crops is

NZ: the worst in the developed world for inactivity

Christchurch - New UK research has found that even people who have been quite inactive much of their life will benefit from exercise when they are middle age or older. A Cambridge University team of researchers examined the relationship between trends in physical activity levels over time and mortality risk among adults

NZ needs to tackle predicted Libra onslaught

Wellington - The national blockchain group has appealed to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her government to adopt a more dynamic attitude or it could prove costly to the New Zealand economy, given blockchain tech’s likely global impact. BlockchainNZ executive director Mark Pascall has written to the PM encouraging the government to

NZ on the verge of a cataclysmic financial service change

Auckland - Facebook’s Libra currency will put New Zealand on the verge of a cataclysmic change in the way Kiwis think about financial services, FintechNZ general manager James Brown says. But will the big banks in New Zealand be ready when the Libra currency launches next year, he says. “We want changes to

Kiwis’ digital privacy must be protected

Wellington - Nearly 80 percent of New Zealanders are concerned about how their identity is managed online, Digital Identity NZ executive director Andrew Weaver will tell an international business conference in Singapore this week. Weaver has been invited to speak at the Seamless Asia summit and says one of the major

Research shows importance of exercise in cancer care

Christchurch - Exercise New Zealand chief executive Richard Beddie today backed United Kingdom research which is showing the benefits of exercise for people who have had cancer. Research at Northumbria University, Newcastle, has been investigating the important role that structured exercise programmes can play in living with and after recovery. Beddie says the

Brilliant new enviro-tech camp initiative for kids

Raglan - A prominent Kiwi businessman has set up New Zealand’s first ever enviro-tech camp at Raglan, south of Auckland. Vaughan Fergusson, founder of New Zealand’s high-growth tech success story Vend and founder of OMGTech!, has rebooted an outdoor education camp to help steer kids into tech careers. “Kids can come here

BiotechNZ produces landmark report to boost Kiwi businesses

Auckland - BiotechNZ is helping the government grow New Zealand’s highly regarded biotech industry, its executive director Dr Zahra Champion says. The latest Scientific American Worldview scorecard for biotech, places New Zealand fourth in the world behind the US, Singapore and Denmark, and one place ahead of Australia. The scorecard evaluates countries on