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Climate change a major issue for most Kiwis – survey

Christchurch – Taking action to limit climate change is important to four out of five Kiwis, Research NZ survey has found.

Their research showed New Zealand taking action to limit climate change is viewed as an important issue by 80 percent of Kiwis, but only 16 percent viewed it as the most important issue at this time.

The majority of respondents said they are taking action and making energy efficient choices with respect to climate change.

Eighty-two percent are recycling, 80 percent using clotheslines and 70 percent doing cold clothes washes; 65 percent are changing to energy efficient light bulbs, 58 percent reducing organic waste and or rubbish and 57 percent buying local produce.

Almost half are walking or cycling more (46 percent) and more than a quarter (28 percent) are using public transport when they can, including 53 percent of Wellingtonians.

Only seven percent are replacing their car with an electric one, but a third are considering doing it.

More Kiwis than before are buying energy efficient appliances (49 percent), using renewable forms of energy at home (36 percent), eating more meat-free meals (36 percent) and supporting sustainable and eco-friendly businesses (33 percent).

Forty-four percent are growing their own food and 34 percent are growing or preserving trees at home (or in their community), only nine percent are volunteering for green projects such as community tree planting.

Half the respondents said the most important issues are being protected against covid, 31 percent were concerned about socio-economic issues such as  access to, NZ’s economic stability (26 percent), child poverty (25 percent), the widening gap between rich and poor (21 percent), crime levels (20percent),  being paid the Living Wage (18 percent) and job security (18 percent).

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