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Vensa wins top NZ health it award

Rotorua – Cutting-edge, life-changing Auckland mobile solutions developer Vensa Health has won the top New Zealand Health IT accolade.

Vensa, which has an innovative online patient portal platform for general practices in New Zealand, has been named overall winner of the New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT) annual innovation awards in Rotorua. The other finalists were Celo and Orion Health.

The platform helps patients book appointments with their doctor, nurse or clinic through a mobile app.
NZHIT chief executive Scott Arrol, says all finalists were at a high standard and the judging panel found it difficult to make their final decision.

“However, they noted Vensa Health was focused on the clinician using the platform and, more importantly, patients who can use the platform to access their records, book appointments, have virtual consultations and generally be more empowered through increased knowledge about their own health needs,” Arrol says.

“The judges felt that is a paradigm shift from the patient portals available currently and is an innovative approach that has the potential to disrupt the market, support new business models and enable models of care delivered at the primary, community and individual levels of our society.”

Vensa chief executive and founder Ahmad Jubbawey says he was over the moon at being named the NZHIT Innovation Award 2017 winner. Jubbawey says the honour is recognition for his amazing Vensa team and the effort they put in to creating the booking system.

“We love the fact Vensa can support New Zealanders to live more healthy lives. We have made a massive commitment in bringing together a highly skilled group of people needed to build an innovative and sustainable platform.

“We have also spent a lot of time with clinicians and health customers to understand their needs and how can add value not only to their health but to their daily lives,” Jubbawey says.

For large parts of New Zealand’s remote and rural population Vensa services ensure people get better access to their GP. More than 70 percent of GP clinics around the country use Vensa’s current solutions for more than three million Kiwis a year.

Finalist Celo uses healthcare grade and industry compliant encrypted technology to provide secure and real time mobile and desktop messaging for healthcare. While Orion Health developed an innovative interface solution and partnered with Canterbury Health to support the delivery of care closer to home.

Arrol says that these finalists represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the upsurge of innovative IT solutions by NZHIT members being developed to enable the delivery of care to New Zealanders right across the country.

NZHIT members represent custodianship of nearly 100 percent of all health-related data in the country.

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