Make Lemonade offers boutique news media services to help share positive New Zealand news around the globe.

We write news releases that attract mainstream media attention. We promote news that is of benefit to the New Zealand public and only support organisations, people and companies that positively impact our community. Read more about how using professional news media services can help you…

Make Lemonade helps revitalise an organisation’s approach by using energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to think differently and deliver results.


Kip Brook has more than 25 years’ international and national news media experience. He was appointed to London in 1997 to be New Zealand media’s UK-Europe Bureau Chief Correspondent. Kip has covered NZ Prime Minister overseas tours, world leaders’ summits, major disasters, All Black tours, Olympic Games and many international events. He has won three NZ journalist of the year media awards.

Kip established Make Lemonade to help share exceptional stories and raise the profile of talented New Zealanders.

Why Make Lemonade?

At Make Lemonade NZ we always look to the positive side of life. What we enjoy the most is helping people or organisations that have hit a brick wall when it comes to getting their word out. We are not marketers or advertisers; our passion is content and the tools that help drive the right message through to the right audiences.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – Elbert Hubbard


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