Companies around the world are changing the way they promote their activities in the wake of fast-changing digital media technologies. Press releases have become more versatile than ever before, especially in today’s social media scene. News releases that go out to all New Zealand media have a huge positive impact on organisations keen to promote their news.

Professional news releases

Let’s take look at the benefits of media release distribution:

  1. HUGE viewership and customer base. Having said that, press releases cannot be advertisements. There’s a knack to it.
  2. Increased visibility and public awareness. The more people read about your company the more they know you.
  3. Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. People use press releases to maximize their off-page SEO backlinking efforts. And at the end of the day – increased traffic!
  4. Growing your reputation. Media releases drip-fed through the year help companies and organisations become trusted household names.
  5. It is called news, not ‘olds’. News in fresh news – as or before it happens. Professionally-crafted media releases can make this happen so it’s of real interest to the wider public.
  6. They are cost-effective. Press release distribution is far more economic compared with paid advertising. The credible results are also more observable than advertising or marketing.

If you need specialist news media services get in touch with Make Lemonade to discuss an approach that works for you.