Why equity-based solutions are important for women in the workplace


Tauranga - Women’s wellbeing in the workplace requires an equity-driven mindset to address differences. Systematic changes are needed to ensure the social and economic value of equity-based solutions. Adopting equity-based solutions is key for employers to keep their competitive female employees from leaving. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) impact report 2022,

Getting good sleep could add years to life


New York - Getting good sleep can play a role in supporting your heart and overall health , according to new research presented at the American College of Cardiology. The study found young people who have more beneficial sleep habits are incrementally less likely to die early. The data suggest about

Historic treaty to protect ocean life but why wait seven years?


Tāmaki Makaurau - A new global agreement is a significant step toward protecting biodiversity under growing threat from climate change, overfishing and seabed mining. After two decades of planning and talks that culminated in a gruelling race over the past few days in New York, a significant majority of nations agreed

Kiwi plant food company existing for the planet

plant food

Ōtautahi - New Zealand plant food company Grater Goods that is soaring in the vegan ranks says it exists for the planet and is making every effort to reduce its impact at every step of their production process. Grater Good chief executive Flip Grater says one of the reasons they set

Kiwi house price expectations nearing GFC lows

Ōtautahi - Forty three percent 43 percent of Kiwis expect house prices to fall in the coming year, which is a further fall from the 31 percent last quarter, ASB says in its latest survey. This compares with 55 percent of Kiwis expecting house price decreases at the height of the

Making hydrogen straight from seawater without desalination


Ōtautahi - Researchers have developed a cheaper and more energy-efficient way to make hydrogen directly from seawater, in a critical step towards a truly viable green hydrogen industry. The new method splits the seawater directly into hydrogen and oxygen skipping the need for desalination and its associated cost, energy consumption and

How is NZ tracking on climate change efforts?


Ōtautahi - New Zealand is ahead of its climate goals on transparency such as targets, budgets, plans, reporting - in both public and private sector.But the country is behind on leadership and consequently on urgency. Kiwis do not see opportunity, only risk and threat from climate action. Aotearoa elects leaders or