Vaccines for the UK; NZ summer holiday safety…

Christchurch - The UK has become the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for widespread use; but it will be some time before New Zealanders get their shots. The vaccine is up to 95 percent effective and the  UK is due to get 40 million doses.

NZ urgently needs greater debate and action on gene editing

Auckland - New Zealand urgently needs to debate and action on gene editing, with the aim of boosting New Zealand’s bioeconomy, a BioTechNZ survey report says. There is global interest in biotechnology as a means of altering biological processes to improve human health, food production and environmental sustainability, the new report says. Increasing demand

NZ a world leader in many biotech areas – nationwide report

Auckland - New Zealand, with its world leading bioeconomy, has huge advantages in growing its massive potential in biotechnology, a new report says. The significant BioTechNZ study analysed the state of biotechnology and its impact and benefits for the New Zealand economy and society. What New Zealand has over most other countries includes

Kiwi expert backs WHO’s new weekly health activity guidelines

Christchurch - A New Zealander who has been working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on physical activity says he supports their new global guidelines on substantially increasing weekly exercise. ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says the key changes to the new guidelines just released are doubling up on recommended weekly exercise to 150

NZ biotech can solve global environmental and health challenges

Auckland - On average, people are living longer, their lives are busier, they have poorer diets and exercise less which is leading to increasing rates of diseases and health conditions including  cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and obesity, BioTechNZ executive director Dr Zahra Champion says. Biotechnology can make a massive difference to

NZ can play key part in pharmaceutical and consumer health

Auckland - New Zealand has huge capabilities in growing plants for medicine for the soaring pharmaceutical and consumer health industry, a defining new biotech economic study report says. The landmark BioTechNZ study analysed the state of biotechnology and its impact and benefits for the New Zealand economy and society. New Zealand coupled with

Exercise helps most Kiwis suffering from cancer

Christchurch - New research has established why people who exercise when suffering from cancer generally have better outcomes, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says. Cancer sufferers who exercise regularly have a generally better prognosis than inactive patients, but science hasn’t understood why exercise helps slow down cancer growth. The study from the Karolinska