New technology to help raise the number of kiwis in NZ

Christchurch - New Zealand is home to more than 230 native bird species which aren’t found anywhere else in the world. With one in three threatened or near to extinction, the Department of Conservation (DOC) needs to take innovative approaches to ensure their survival. New Zealand’s national bird, the kiwi, is one

New research shows benefits of exercising in groups

Christchurch - Exercise has always been important and the latest research from the United States confirms the extra benefits of socialising in group activities, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says. Nearly 40 percent of regular exercisers participate in group fitness classes in America, he says. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the American College of Sports

NZ’s pioneering AI experts speaking at crucial summit in Auckland

Auckland - Many of New Zealand’s pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) experts will provide the latest news and outline new trends at the Aotearoa AI summit in Auckland on March 17. One of the key speakers is a founder of AI company Soul Machines, Greg Cross, who lives in New Zealand but creates

NZ businesses must take environmental action

Auckland - New Zealand is now world-leading with its climate legislation, but businesses must continue to burden as much responsibility as government in driving transformation to decarbonize our economy, David Benattar, the chief sustainability officer of The Warehouse Group says. Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge facing the world and will

NZ should not rely heavily on tourism any more

Christchurch - The number of tourists to New Zealand last year was below one million for the first time since 1992. Tourist operators, big and small, have haemorrhaged but covid has been a less about eggs in baskets. The many eggs have in recent years been likened to geese and golden

Covid: fertile ground to execute cyber scams and reap the riches

Wellington - The covid pandemic has provided cyber criminals with a fertile ground to execute scams and reap the riches, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller said at the New Zealand cyber-security summit in Wellington today. The summit is the largest gathering of cyber professionals in New Zealand, who are working to protect

Hundreds of NZ businesses now losing money to cyber-criminals

Wellington - Hundreds of New Zealand businesses are now losing money to cyber-criminals, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller said at the New Zealand cyber-security summit in Wellington today. In the third quarter of last year, 281 Kiwis business reported cyber security breaches and many others are likely to have suffered the same

Kiwis spending more on cars, hardware, garden supplies despite covid

Christchurch - Despite the covid pandemic, New Zealanders spent more money on cars, hardware, garden supplies and electrical items in the fourth quarter of last year. They all played a big part in the rise of total retail values in the December 2020 quarter after the spending surge in the third