NZ tech companies should study the UN sustainable goals

Auckland - Kiwi tech companies should study the United Nations sustainable development goals and position their solutions as ways to achieve them as there are millions of euros being invested in the next few years, leading New Zealand tech expert Graeme Muller says. Muller has just returned from major global tech conferences

Kiwis to celebrate international yoga day on June 21

Christchurch - Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will celebrate international yoga day on June 21, Yoga NZ chair Heather Robinson says. Yoga is practised by more than 400,000 Kiwis at more than 500 yoga studios and classes around New Zealand, making it one of the fastest growing physical activities in the country. ExerciseNZ

NZ education needs shake up to cope with new tech

Auckland - The New Zealand education system needs a serious shake up to deal with the velocity in which technology is changing the working world, EdTechNZ has said in a submission to the Productivity Commission. The commission has launched an inquiry into the impact of tech on the future of work in

AgritechNZ to unleash major initiative

Tauranga - A three-year New Zealand agritech initiative designed to validate new technologies in nutrient analysis, delivery, efficient uptake, and environmental mitigation will be launched at the national Fieldays at Mystery Creek near Hamilton next Thursday. AgritechNZ chief executive Peter Wren-Hilton says New Zealand is taking a global lead on bringing cutting-edge

Nine out of 10 Kiwis want more control of their digital identity

Wellington - A total of 79 percent of New Zealanders are concerned about the protection of their identity and use of personal data by organisations, according to a research survey commissioned by Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ). Andrew Weaver, executive director of DINZ, says there is a public concern and some

Blockchain could inject growth into the NZ economy

Auckland - Blockchain has the potential to offer many benefits to inject growth into the New Zealand economy, BlockchainNZ executive director Mark Pascall has just told a government select committee. New Zealand has a golden opportunity to take leadership globally by using blockchain for a positive economic impact, he says. Pascall addressed

The Wellbeing Budget lacked wellness – exercise expert says

Christchurch - The Wellbeing Budget simply lacked wellness, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says. The Budget had very little to help lift New Zealand up from being the 13th worst in the world in physical activity statistics, he says. “Exercise and physical activity are proven to help with many social issues, and in

ShadowTech Days huge value to the NZ tech industry

Auckland - Young New Zealand female students have the opportunity to be mentored by high profile Kiwi tech companies at ShadowTech Days around the country next month. The first ShadowTech Day for 2019 will be held in Auckland next Friday (June 7) with well over 200 schoolgirls taking part around the city. More