Protecting and growing the tiny takahē population

Christchurch - Department of Conservation’s takahē recovery programme is seeing some significant wins. Annual growth rates are at least 10 percent a year, as genetic management is reducing the level of inbreeding and establishing further wild sites. But DoC staff we still have a lot of mahi (work) to do before they

Trial work to better understand the pekapeka

a DoC photo

Hamilton - Waikato University and the Department of Conservation are investigating native bats near the Pureora Forest, south of Rotorua, to understand more about them. The long-tailed bats or pekapeka, New Zealand’s only native land mammals, are absolutely no threat to humans, despite how they may be portrayed in films and

A landmark day in NZ’s climate change commitment

Christchurch - Sunday, January 31, must be seen as a red-letter day in New Zealand’s climate change history.  Much is being speculated and anticipated about the work of the new Climate Change Commission. At 2pm on Sunday, He Pou A Rangi Climate Change Commission will release its draft advice to government,

Covid and sport

By former NZ cricket coach and captain Glenn Turner Wanaka - Sportspeoples' reactions to the covid-19 restrictions, has in many cases been regrettable. Governments the world over are doing everything possible to have some top-level sport played to occupy the masses through some tough times and for the players, team brands, broadcasters, advertisers

Mooloolaba best spot in Oz for a winter’s break

Mooloolaba - Years ago, Kiwis flocked to flock to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast for a winter’s break. It was about the easiest place to get to for a couple of warm weeks holiday. Well move over Surfer’s. Make way for the Sunshine Coast, and, more specifically, Mooloolaba, about two

The end of our innocence

Opinion editorial By Paul Kench, the Canterbury Police crime services manager (officer in charge, CIB) at time of February 22, 2011 earthquakes Christchurch - In retirement, I’m reluctant to join the social media world as a commenter, informed or otherwise, however for my own peace of mind I’ve decided to record some

Nothing and everything, spiritual India has it all

Delhi - India is nothing and everything; so much at times it leaves tourists utterly speechless. They say there is no present like the time and no time like the future. India is all about the here and the now for its 1.35 billion people. What is at dispute is some tourists