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13 Reasons Why most sought-after show

Parrot's analytics

Hollywood – The hit TV show 13 Reasons Why has been the most sought-after top 10 digital show in New Zealand over the last 30 days, Hollywood-based Kiwi artificial intelligence company Parrot Analytics says.

In an exclusive release, Parrot Analytics has provided never-seen-before data of the top 10 original digital shows dominating Kiwis’ interest in the last month.

Hulu’s The Handmaid Tale was the second most popular digital show on average over the last 30 days in New Zealand, Parrot’s industry data scientist Kayla Hegedus says.

“This is an interesting point, as this show is not available in New Zealand yet. By measuring what people are watching via file sharing, but also their engagement of the show via social media, blogging platforms and informational sites, we can see that there is huge demand for this show.

“This provides a huge opportunity for local media to bring this show or similar shows to New Zealand via the right platform, at the right time, reaching the right Kiwi audiences who truly love this type of content.

“Orange is the New Black’s new season is due to be released on Netflix on June 9, 2017. However, due to the recent hack of the show ahead of its premiere, our data shows a huge spike in demand for the show in New Zealand, placing it fourth, even though it has not officially been released.

“We also predict that actual demand for the show once it has been released may drop, as fans consume the content ahead of its scheduled premiere.

“Next is Amazon’s The Grand Tour which has clearly captured the interest of our nation with high demand being expressed for it over the last 30 days in New Zealand, even though new episodes stopped being released in February.”

Parrot Analytics uses a blend of data sources including video-streaming consumption, social media, blog platforms and online piracy — crunching more than a billion data points every day — spanning 249 countries. That content-centric data can then be segmented by demographic, geography or genre – among other variables.

What they do enables them to gauge the popularity of these shows by looking at audience consumption and engagement of the content on various digital avenues around the globe.

They are currently conducting multiple research reports for their clients for the shows they are about to either launch or market to the world.

Parrot works with for global studios and distributors such as the BBC Worldwide, FOX networks, Lightbox (New Zealand), Italian Mediaset and Brazil’s Globo TV.

The three-year-old company has secured multiple Callaghan Innovation grants to support its research and development using big data and AI technology.

With widespread support, Parrot has managed to build the world’s first ever audience demand measurement system, that is country-specific, real time and cross-platform .

Top 10 Digital Originals in New Zealand over the last 30 days – Parrot Analytics data

Rank Title Platform Average Demand Expressions

1. 13 Reasons Why Netflix 677,205
2. The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu 232,768
3. The Grand Tour Amazon Video 220,096
4. Orange Is The New Black Netflix 181,680
5. The Last Kingdom Netflix 164,026
6. Marvel’s Iron Fist Netflix 151,237
7. Sense8 Netflix 133,710
8. House of Cards Netflix 107,174
9. Harlots Hulu 89,062
10. Trailer Park Boys Netflix 85,057

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Photo: Parrot Analytics staff

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