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The world’s best garden scarecrows

Scarecrow - article by Make Lemonade NZ

Make Lemonade staff were given the day off today after working long and extra hours during the Rugby World Cup. One staff member used the opportunity to resurrect her fantastic flower and vegetable garden from hungry birds. She had been worried birds were ravaging her new snow pea plants that were shooting up in a Cloudy Bay wine barrel.

Birds are a welcome addition in any garden, but if the birds are devouring small vegetable plants, there are ways to deter them and live in harmony. She made two amazing scarecrows that are keeping the birds at bay. Her scarecrows are literally the best homemade bird-scarers ever!

Other options were to go high-tech. Birdbusters makes a sophisticated screech owl to frighten even the bravest of birds. The owl spins in the wind and has a microchip inside that emits the sound of an attacking hawk. Go low-tech. An old-school cure is to soak some dried corn in whiskey and scatter it over the garden for the birds. They would get corned! But it could be too expensive if you are a whiskey-tippler.

Remember the benefits. Although some birds can be nuisances, they are also hardworking garden allies, munching away on annoying pests like snails, slugs, and harmful insects. Keep this in mind, and you may feel more generous toward our feathered friends. Our staff love birds in their gardens, especially native birds.

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