BiotechNZ to survey biotechnology companies and supporting organisations

Auckland - BiotechNZ is surveying NZ biotechnology companies and supporting organisations to find out the state and future opportunities for biotechnology to contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. The survey wants to find out where our Kiwi biotech strengths and challenges are, as to enable recommendations to decision maker to help make

Should sports teams be backed by fast foods and sugary drinks?

Christchurch - Twelve months out from the start of America’s Cup yacht racing in Auckland, Exercise NZ today challenged whether McDonald’s should be a sponsor of the Emirates Team New Zealand boat. ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says new research shows that kids who start on the path of extra weight gain

 NZ eye tech company sets up branch on Borneo to help people

Dunedin - New Zealand eye care technology company oDocs Eye Care, which has just invented a new eye camera, has set up a branch in Borneo, to help improve the eyesight of rural Malaysians on the land of Sarawak. Chief executive Dr Hong Sheng Chiong says their oDocs team has just returned from a

NZ tech companies forecast to rapidly expand in 2020

Auckland - Many NZ tech companies which are relatively small, nimble and highly innovative are forecast to rapidly expand in 2020 and over the next decade on areas of the economy, ecology and industry, NZTech chair Mitchell Pham says. Technology is New Zealand’s third biggest and fastest growing sector and traditional institutions

NZ needs fintech to tackle big 2020 problems

NZAuckland - New Zealand needs to use financial technology to tackle big problems in 2020, such as climate change and digital literacy, FintechNZ general manager James Brown says. Applying fintech to New Zealand’s key issues will help New Zealand on an incredible journey and make this a decade to remember, before

Transparency and trust present biggest impacts to digital identity

Wellington - The importance of transparency and trust will present the biggest changes and impacts relating to digital identify for New Zealanders in 2020, Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ) says. Andrew Weaver, the executive director of DINZ, says a major trend this year will be the continuing emergence of Kiwis organisations who are

Govt, schools and whanau should help young Kiwis get fitter

Christchurch - Government, schools and whanau should get involved in 2020 to help so more Kiwis become active, Exercise NZ says. Richard Beddie, chief executive of Exercise NZ, says while physical activity helps people with obesity, there is so much more to active movement than weight control, from mental health to slowing

New trade deal will boost NZ tech companies, Muller says

Auckland - The New Zealand, Singapore and Chile digital economy partnership deal signed today will significantly help Kiwi companies grow their digital trade, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. Digital trade is growing rapidly in New Zealand and worldwide, Muller says. “Technology is the fastest growing sector in New Zealand and digital trade