NZ not driving hard enough for digital health transformation – NZHIT

Auckland - New Zealand’s leading digital health organisation, NZ Health IT (NZHIT), today pleaded to the government to urgently take action on recommendations in the Simpson report released yesterday. NZHIT chief executive Scott Arrol says he is pleased the report, on the future of health in New Zealand, has captured most of

Why New Zealand covid experts may have failed

Auckland - The government covid-19 lockdown strategy was based on theoretical modelling data provided by University of Auckland scientists who predicted 80,000 Kiwis could die, due to rapid widespread community transmission, pharmaceutical specialist Sir Ray Avery says. The Kiwi epidemiology experts agreed that New Zealand faced the same covid pandemic which

NZ tech company Jupl tracking lands in the USA

Auckland - In these troubling times, it is great for the New Zealand economy post-covid to have some good news regarding a Kiwi tech company succeeding in the USA . New Zealand health and safety tech company Jupl has secured a supply agreement with United Efficiency USA, an AT&T partner. United Efficiency provides

Artificial intelligence could soon detect pandemics – NZ Health IT 

Auckland - AI and precision health could soon help detect pandemic virus patterns like covid-19 very early, NZ Health IT (NZHIT) chief executive Scott Arrol says. A lot of cutting-edge data research is being carried out globally which will be a pointer to how we understand data analytic patterns and viruses before

 NZ fitness centres back to 70 percent activity levels 

 Christchurch - New Zealand gyms and facilities were back to 70 percent activity levels within two weeks of re-opening at covid level two according to the latest survey ExerciseNZ survey, chief executive Richard Beddie says. The nationwide study post-covid showed the number of new people keen to stay physical active at facilities

NZ humidity prevented spread of covid-19 pandemic

Auckland - New research conducted by Professor Michael Ward, an epidemiologist in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, and two researchers from the Fudan University School of Public Health in Shanghai showed that humidity is an important factor in the transmission of covid-19. In this first peer-reviewed

Profits from signed rugby ball go to amazing golfer

Auckland - A rugby ball signed by All Blacks and other stars sold at auction last night for $724 which will go towards a teenage seven-handicap golfer who is preparing for the 2023 Special Olympics in Berlin. The money raised will help Mitchell Brown, 17, from Great Barrier Island, get to Auckland

Government tracing app on wrong track

Auckland - The government’s covid-19 tracing app is on the wrong track, according to Sir Ray Avery, who is co–founder of Jupl NZ which monitors and tracks the health and wellbeing of thousands of at-risk people in New Zealand and Australia. Not even the government, is claiming this is a personal