Is New Zealanders’ health information safe from attackers?

cyber microsoft

  Auckland - Recent cyber-attacks have shown that Kiwis’ health information is vulnerable and at risk and a global expert says that it's a matter of when not if the next attack will occur. Microsoft’s worldwide health chief information security officer Hector Rodriguez, says healthcare organisations are extremely vulnerable as cybersecurity is

Genetics a game changer in getting Kiwis fitter


  Christchurch - The role of genetics, and how it relates to people’s nutrition, exercise and health is an absolute game changer when it comes to Kiwis improving their lives, a leading New Zealand exercise expert says. ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says the science of genetics has been around for some

NZ food network helping fast-rising water extractor


Auckland - New Zealand’s top food innovation network is helping fast rising clean-tech company Hydroxsys with its amazing water extraction technologies aimed at mining, dairy and other industries that need water extraction or remediation. New Zealand Food Innovation Network chief executive Alexandra Allan says new membrane technology created by Hydroxsys will increase

My Year with Helen – film

Helen Clark

Christchurch - It’s great to see doco-maker Gaylene Preston make a film about Helen Clark. The film, My Year with Helen, will premiere at Auckland’s Civic Theatre on July 23 as part of the opening weekend of the NZ International Film Festival. There will be a second screening at the Civic on

Ransomware cyber-attacks impact growing on NZ

Article by Make Lemonade NZ - Ian Pollard, Delta INsurance

Auckland - Barely five percent of New Zealand companies have taken out cyber insurance, despite a predicted rise in ransomware and other cyber issues, a leading New Zealand specialist underwriting agency says. Ian Pollard, director of Delta Insurance, says the total potential for the New Zealand Cyber Insurance market in time

Rugby World Cup will open trade doors with Japan

RWC 2019 will open trade doors for NZ

Tokyo - The build up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup presents a huge opportunity for any New Zealand tech firms considering the Japanese market as the passion for the All Blacks is huge in Japan, NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says. Muller has been in Japan this week on an economic

Health facilities will not have any patients in them

Scott Arrol on health facilities

  Auckland - Future health facilities in New Zealand are unlikely to have patients in them, a leading health IT expert says. Scott Arrol, chief executive of NZ Health IT (NZHIT), will give a keynote talk to the Future Healthcare Facilities Conference in Auckland later this month about designing and maintaining future