Appeal for urgent quarantine facility inquiry

Auckland - Pharmaceutical scientist Sir Ray Avery is calling for an urgent independent commission of inquiry into the management of New Zealand’s covid quarantine facilities. This follows gaps in the Jet Park Hotel high security quarantine facility in Auckland where a covid infected nurse working at the hotel was allowed to attended

New Kiwi cloud tool Movebot a huge game-changer

Christchurch - A new Christchurch tech company has designed a New Zealand-first game-changing cloud migration tool, Movebot, which can shift massive amounts of data, a bit like moving a house or an office, safely and quickly. Movebot, was conceived during the covid-19 lockdown, helping businesses, organisations and people move their data to

COVID-19: the impacts on technology

Auckland - As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads into its third month, the virus is covering much of the world and things could get worse. The global financial markets have plummeted in what could be similar to the Global Financial Crisis, 60 percent of people across Asia are worried for their financial security. London

NZ tech companies forecast to rapidly expand in 2020

Auckland - Many NZ tech companies which are relatively small, nimble and highly innovative are forecast to rapidly expand in 2020 and over the next decade on areas of the economy, ecology and industry, NZTech chair Mitchell Pham says. Technology is New Zealand’s third biggest and fastest growing sector and traditional institutions