Two new covid vaccines secured: enough for every Kiwi

Wellington - The government has just secured two new covid vaccines. A total of 15 million vaccine courses have been pre-ordered to date. Vaccines will be free to the public and systems are on track to deliver the first vaccines to border workers in the second quarter of 2021, with vaccination of

Is New Zealand rugby’s condition asymptomatic?

Christchurch - Without pontificating too much, there could be many reasons why New Zealand rugby’s customary success is waning if, in fact, it is. The pain of the first ever loss to Argentina in 44 years could be indicative of the whole structure and very fibre of the current set up,

Appeal for urgent quarantine facility inquiry

Auckland - Pharmaceutical scientist Sir Ray Avery is calling for an urgent independent commission of inquiry into the management of New Zealand’s covid quarantine facilities. This follows gaps in the Jet Park Hotel high security quarantine facility in Auckland where a covid infected nurse working at the hotel was allowed to attended

New Kiwi cloud tool Movebot a huge game-changer

Christchurch - A new Christchurch tech company has designed a New Zealand-first game-changing cloud migration tool, Movebot, which can shift massive amounts of data, a bit like moving a house or an office, safely and quickly. Movebot, was conceived during the covid-19 lockdown, helping businesses, organisations and people move their data to