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Why the world loves New Zealand

article by Make Lemonade NZ

Virtually all of New Zealand if benefitting from the country’s burgeoning tourism sector.

Latest monthly regional tourism estimates this week show an increase in tourist spending on last year. Otago led the way with $3.2 billion in spending by domestic and international visitors, up 11 per cent on the same period last year. Nelson increased 10 per cent to $299 million, Auckland rose to $6.7 billion and Canterbury $3 billion.

But it’s easy to see why people from other countries want to come to New Zealand – our isolation, low population, majestic scenery, ease of travelling around and our peaceful environment. We probably have the world’s biggest dairy exporter, Fonterra, and we’re responsible for a staggering third of the world’s milk trade.

New Zealand now ranks fourth in the world for prosperity, and number one outside of Europe, according to the London-based Legatum Institute’s annual global Prosperity Index.

More people are moving to New Zealand from Australia instead of the other way around for the first time in decades as Kiwis return to a buoyant economy and are joined by foreigners in search of work. Statistics New Zealand says 25,273 people migrated from
Australia last year, compared to 24,504 who went the other way. This net flow of 769 to New Zealand is the biggest since 1991 and the number of people coming to Australia is the lowest since the same year.

Aussies appreciate New Zealand’s political stability and strong economic performance while other countries falter.

Here’s just five reasons why New Zealand is seen as an attractive place to live:

• The All Blacks. They have the best winning record of any international team of any sport ever.
• Sauvignon blanc: A good New Zealand savvy is the most popular wine consumed in Australia – and it is cheaper here.
• Prime Minister John Key: a monarchist who supported flag changing, produces Budget surpluses, reintroduce knighthoods and easily outlasts any Aussie PM of recent times.
• NZ has proper mountains: for such a tiny country, New Zealand has mountains, not molehills
• We have Helen Clark. Who is Kevin Rudd?

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