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Seven Wonders: Sian Simpson and John Key have something in common

Article by Make Lemonade NZ
Sian Simpson operates the Kiwi Landing Pad in New Zealand and San Francisco where she helps take NZ technology to the world. Simpson is obsessed with digital technology and is a self-proclaimed global citizen visiting many countries a year studying the impact of technology and investment in communities. Kiwi Landing Pad is holding Sales and Marketing Jams in Christchurch, Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland in October and November, giving Kiwi startups the chance to hear from industry leaders with real-world experience in sales, marketing and product management.

Seven Wonders: we ask Kiwis seven important questions, like what they prefer on their fish and chips.
Kiwi Landing Pad global community manager, Sian Simpson has something in common with Prime Minister John Key as they both prefer vinegar on NZ’s favourite tasty takeaway. Here’s a few of Sian’s other kiwiana favs:

Q. Pineapple lump, jet plane or jaffa?


Q. Bungy jump, surf or hammock?

Bungy jumping

Q. Cricket test, one day or T20?

I don’t know what that means!

Q. Tomato sauce, vinegar or lemon juice?


Q. Kereru, tui or kea?


Q. Phar Lap, pavlova, flat white:  New Zealand or Australian?

New Zealand

Q. New York yellow cab, Mumbai tuk tuk or London Underground?

London Underground

Janelle Blythe
Make Lemonade's news editor.

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