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Regular exercise decreases risk of catching covid

Otautahi – New research has found regular exercise makes the covid vaccine more effective and boosts immunity.

A new study from Glasgow Caledonian University has found that keeping fit and healthy, exercising at least 30 minutes five times a week strengthens the immune system and but decreases the risk of catching or dying from diseases covid-19.

The findings, led by professor Sebastien Chastin, found that if people are physically fit, they are a third less likely to catch a disease or fall ill from one.

Physical fitness also changes how the body responds to vaccine. Being physically fitter increases the effectiveness of vaccines, the study found.

Scientists predict in the coming years covid-19 will need to be continuously managed, like other infectious diseases. Regular exercise plays a big part in that, according to the Glasgow study.

Leading New Zealand exercise expert Richard Beddie says the gym and health fitness industry is actually a key part of the solution to Aotearoa’s fight against covid.

Beddie is chief executive of ExerciseNZ which has surveyed its key industry leaders and results found Kiwis should be more physically active during covid times.

Exercise is the #1 sport in New Zealand with more than half a million participants and growing research confirming the health benefits of activity for all Kiwis.

The Glasgow research results are particularly important in the wake of the global health pandemic, especially as cases and the death rate continues to soar globally.

The study began too early into the first wave of covid for the researchers to specifically focus on it, however the results still have serious and far-reaching implications for the pandemic.

Researchers found consistent and compelling evidence across six studies involving more than a half million participants that those meeting the fitness guidelines reduced the risk of falling ill and dying of infectious diseases such as covid by 37 percent.

Regular physical activity strengthens the human immune system. Across 35 independent randomised controlled trials.

In the random controlled trials research showed vaccines appeared more effective if they were administered after a programme of physical activity.

A person who is active, is 50 percent more likely to have a higher antibody count after the vaccine than somebody who is not active.

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