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Squash perfect answer for health and fitness – guaranteed

Squash - article by Make Lemonade NZ

After more than 20 surgical procedures on my abdomen over as many years I’ve struggled to find a physical workout that provides true strength and cardio benefits combined. A year ago I was introduced to squash and now I am experiencing the best workouts of my life.

Here are the benefits:

  • It’s cheap. You have to buy a racket to begin with but then it’s just down to paying the annual squash club fees (which are incredibly reasonable compared to overpriced fitness centres, especially for couple or families).
  • You can play in all weather. Rain or hail the squash courts are open and they’re great on a stinking hot summers day as the court temperatures stay nice and cool.
  • Well-managed centres. New Zealanders have access to superb squash centres all over the country that are clean, well maintained and offer a range of club competitions and coaching options.
  • It’s social. You can drill by yourself if desired but the real satisfaction comes from playing a mate. You can chat while you pt way to leave work and stress behind. Any exercise is great for mental well-being but there’s something satisfying about whacking that little black ball into the white wall and hearing it hit the nick. If you often visualise someone’s face on a dart board – you should try squash :-).

The joy of squash is that you get a satisfying physical and mental workout without even realising you are working out. Say goodbye to those arduous jogs, save money and flag that gym membership; squash will have you strong and toned with the best cardio and energy levels you’ve had in years.

Janelle Blythe
Make Lemonade's news editor.

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